A FI Life…In the Making

I’m Stacy and I am on a journey…

A journey to make a life. I feel that my life is waiting somewhere. Perhaps it is waiting for my date of Financial Independence or FI. Perhaps it is waiting for me to get the guts to change my life drastically to quit my job and travel the world.

This blog is going to follow me on my journey to finding what I am seeking!

As a single, no kids, professional woman, I feel like I have more options and yet even less options. I want to travel, but I’m not sure how I feel about traveling by myself. I want to have kids, but I’m not sure how I feel about adoption and raising kids on my own. I want to have a career I love, but I want more freedom.

I feel like I meet many women in this same scenario.

  • I plan to become Financial Independent. This blog will explain my plan for becoming financial independent in the next 6 years.
  • I plan to travel. This blog will also provide a link into my jeep travels with my dog, Tigger, as we travel locally throughout Florida.
  • I plan to become a better leader. This blog will evaluate leadership quotes and the pain that I find exists with larger companies. The move towards Agile, DevSecOps and reducing costs that larger companies are pushing has forced leaders to find a way unique ways to contribute.