Question #7: What do I want my life to be like in five years?

“You said, “Hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life?” And I said, “I don’t even know what I’m doing tonight”

– Call you Mine by The Chainsmokers

I guess five years isn’t that significant when compared with the timeline of the “rest of your life”. A small subset of what is hopefully a long and prosperous life.

But what do I want it to look like?

I’m not really sure.

For the most part, after spending countless hours pondering this very question and literally driving myself crazy with all the possibilities, I determined that I just could not decide.

Do I want to travel the world and visit all the places I’ve dreamed of seeing? Yes and no. Traveling sounds fantastic, but I’d be going by myself for the most part and I would miss my friends and family.

Do I want to try something completely foreign? Yes and no. I’d probably have to go back to school. While I love learning, dedicating myself to getting another four-year degree just isn’t something I want to tackle right now.

Do I want to just go on a permanent vacation? Yes and no. I think I’d be bored pretty quickly with just sitting by the beach all day. I try it on the weekends now and usually am looking for something different to do about 2 hours into the weekend.

Do I want to adopt? Yes and no. This one is a little more complicated. I’m unsure about if my reasons behind why I’d like to adopt are a sufficient reason to adopt. I’d like to provide some child(ren) with the possibility of a better life. I guess I feel that my reason should more align with the reasons that couples have kids. But…I guess thinking about it, I’m not sure why people have kids. Maybe its just what you do. Get married and have children.

The only thing I know right now is that I am looking for a change. My journey of Financial Independence I guess should be more accurately titled a journey to find myself. A journey to challenge myself. To try something that I told myself was impossible, and to attempt it anyhow.

I hope that in five years, this journey will lead me to discovering myself at a new point in my life. To discover, at a minimum that my finances are in better shape than they are today. But, more importantly, to discover that I took on the challenge of re-writing the script of “the rest of my life”.

I challenge you to think about what you could start today that, could not only affect your life in five years, but that could also change the trajectory of your entire life?

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