Question #12: Will you be my mentor?

This question is definitely one that I need to be asking.

After a gentle reminder from my manager, perhaps there are areas in my leadership style that needs a little work.


Allowing other leaders on my team to take the lead on different projects with my oversight has several obvious advantages. The junior leaders will become better leaders and other leaders will feel like they are contributing more to the overall team.

Delegation also allows for me to be able to understand what needs to be done without being fully engaged. I believe this is an important area that I looking to improve and an important skill to master as I take of more advanced leadership roles.


My leadership style tends to be revolve around understanding the work scope, keeping the backlog fully allocated, communicating issues and working with other teams to resolve problems. I believe that my teams should be able to operate independently with very little guidance from me and more guidance from the Product Owner and Scrum Master.

I think I’ve begun to understand that without meeting on a regular basis, my team is a little disjointed. I currently have Software, Systems, Sustainment, Integration and Test and Network Engineers on my team. All of these engineers roll up to different functional leadership managers.

Currently, their functional manager should be flowing information to the members of my team when there are changes in program direction or new announcements. Fairly often, I’ve noticed that the message isn’t the same from all functionals which leads to a disjointed feeling amongst the team.

As the Project Manager, I have the ability to step in and bring some more cohesion to the team. I began to better observe the leadership styles of others. I noticed how they do spend time every day making sure they receive status from their leaders and that they flow direction and decisions down.


As much as I should be reaching out to find a mentor to help me with my career goals. I need to realize that, as a leader, its important that I help leaders on my team grow and am continuing to strength the team and my leaders.

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