The True Meaning about FI

I am on a journey to Financial Independence.

At the end of last year, I implemented a “no-frills” spending plan and increased my savings rate from 25% to 50%. After a few months, I started to have some serious doubts.

And to be honest, I was a little bored.

My convenience driven life came at a big cost. I didn’t want to waste time cooking or cleaning dishes so I ate out every day. I didn’t want to go shopping so I bought my coffee at Starbucks. I didn’t want to take care of my yard, so I paid someone to mow and manage it. It went on and on until the convenience of things was costing me a ton of money.

Then one day I stopped it all!! The day I implemented my “no-frills” spending plan. And I mean no frills. No eating out at all. No lunch. No fast-food stops. No coffee. No meaningless stops at Target on the way home from work. Nothing.


Now the real questions begin. What am I going to do with my time? Why was I no longer creative? Why did I lack any belief in my abilities? Why was I so unhappy and what was I going to do about it?

This is when I really began to think about what I wanted in life. I started planning my life not just waiting for something to happen. But did I really want a plan???

“The Shocking Truth about Life After Financial Independence with Tess Vigeland” – an iTunes Podcast

The FinancialMentor and Tess Vigeland discussed a lot of topics about life after FI in the podcast. As I said, I’m still on the journey so I wasn’t sure the podcast would really be all that relatable to my story. I did find a very interesting part of the podcast, when they started discussing the concept of “financial wherewithal”. Tess managed to put something into words that I had only figured out in my head.

There are a hundred different paths I could follow in my life and my career. Trying to figure out what path to take was driving me crazy! But I’m not required to have it all figured out. And maybe…figuring it all out wasn’t the point.

“You have to let go of that preconceived notion of how things are supposed to go, and when you do, that’s when the adventure starts happening…I’m going to live a life that I want to live. That is not prescribed by norms. That is not handed to me by societal conventions, that’s when the adventure begins.”

-Tess Vigeland

This idea is where my journey to FI changed.

For me, FI is more about creating options. As a single professional woman, there is that missing piece of a relationship that I think is significant, a partner. Someone who can help shoulder some of the load if you wanted to change a critical piece of your life. FI gives some of that back to you.

Tess is the author of “Leap” and can be found at The FinancialMentor podcast was very insightful. More information can be found at

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