Having fun with FI

I live in central Florida. The home of Mickey Mouse and all his friends. One of the biggest vacation spots in the US.

As a fan of all things Disney and Universal, it’s been a blast having the season pass holder ticket and having the opportunity to visit multiple times a month.

Here’s the hardest part…

Going to the parks and not dropping serious $$$$ on souvenirs. I don’t have kids so that gives me an huge benefit over a lot of other people in that I only have to stop myself from wanting something. But….not getting cool swag is extremely difficult.

Commercialism at its finest…

I spent yesterday at Universal Studios attempting to get on the new Hagrid ride again. The line was 3 hours at 10am so that didn’t happen. I went on Rip, Ride, Rockit (highly recommend if you are a fan of coasters) and E.T. and then made my way to Harry Potter.

Just to give some background…

I am a die hard fan.

Like a, read every book, seen every film, stood in line for opening day at 4am and waited for 4 hours to ride the new Hagrid ride, kind of fan!

I walk through the park surrounded by other Harry Potter fans. Kids and teens in Harry Potter robes. Families all wearing matching “9 3/4” or “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” t-shirts.

It’s amazing!

As a fan there is nothing better than getting immersed into the world of Harry Potter and the other fans play a big part in making that immersion better.


A part of me wants to ask if it’s really worth it? Is it worth all the endless hours you have to work to enjoy that Harry Potter swag?

I’ve found the answer for myself is no.

I love seeing a child with joy on his face as he flourishes his wand and magic happens. Or the awe on a face of a diehard fan like myself walking into the Harry Potter world for the first time.

I’ll leave the souvenirs for someone else to buy and enjoy the moments instead.

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