Thinking about FI on Independence Day

I start my story here. The 4th of July. I have the day off and I feel a little uneasy. I’ve built my life around my career and find myself a little unsure about what to do to fill my time.

I push off my uneasiness as I’ve made choices that resulted in me being at home for this holiday. I wanted to get a new camera and to save some money for a trip later in the year.

I think it’s just that I don’t know how to relax. When was the last time I just laid by the pool, with just the radio playing and not a thought in my head?

It’s been too long…

Summer days should be just that. A time to slow down and relax. A time to enjoy a good book or some music. A time to enjoy…my dog and that it’s summer in Florida, a Jeep ride to the beach with some friends, and afternoon thunderstorms (you know, Florida. 4pm rain). I have a lot to be thankful for on this Independence Day.

Sometimes the road to FI isn’t so glamorous. Sometimes it’s filled with me sitting home on a holiday with my dog

As I work my way to financial independence, I started with an emergency fund and saved a years worth of expenses already this year. I’m a little nerdy, software engineer, and have been enjoying the spreadsheet game of “what if” and “maximum savings rate”. But I now have a little bit of a cushion and feel a little safer in this rocky job market.

But it came at a personal cost too…

After getting obsessed with no spending and maximizing savings, I went on vacation with some friends. An expensive vacation. I quickly realized that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived! I need to ease back a little on my quest for financial independence in order to enjoy the moments of life.

I’m not saying a vacation every month or eating out for every meal. And I have been spiraling down that road a little too quickly in recent years. But a movie or dinner out with friends should be a part of the FI journey too.

“Without the enjoyment of life, what am I saving for?”

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